Rent – A – Yugo

You’ve always wanted to drive an old-timer with a soul, but no AC? You are wondering if you can manage to park a car with no power steering or sensors? You remember the radio with audio cassettes or CDs but haven’t seen it for decades? Now you can do it all by smooth riding around continental Croatia in an old Yugo!

Rent a Yugo for a day and have an experience of a lifetime!
We also prepared a booklet for you with a few suggested routes including maps and many  tips&tricks on what to see and what to do for a complete Yugo adventure!

Since our Yugos are old-timers and we want to take daily care of them, we’re renting them per half day, full day or if you just want to experience a short drive – 4 hours. However, If you have any special requests regarding your Rent-a-Yugo experience, e.g. additional days or further destinations, feel free to contact us!

We have 3 Yugos:
BOŽO (red), 1987 Yugo 55
ŽUTI (yellow), 1987 Yugo 45A
ZAGI (blue), 1989 Yugo 45

rental time hourly
rental time daily
price from € 49

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color red
year 1987
model yugo 55
mirrors 2


color blue
year 1989
model yugo 45
manual 1


color yellow
year 1987
model yugo 45a
hubcaps 2

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