About a yugo and us

For people living in Ex-Yugoslavia the one and only Yugo was never just a car, it was both a member of a family and a best friend. First Yugo was introduced to Tito, Yugoslav leader, in 1978, and even though, allegedly, Tito was not impressed with it, the production of that legendary car reached the number of 784.428. Yugos were being assembled in Zastava factory in Kragujevac between early 80's and 2008.

Everybody drove a Yugo and it was even exported to many countries - from the Great Britain to the USA becoming the cheapest new car money could buy. However, western world didn't share our enthusiasm towards Yugos, claiming it was “The worst car in history “. Ironically, that nickname gave Yugos a whole new career - the one of a Hollywood movie star. This pride and joy of Yugoslav motorcar industry co-starred Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson in Die hard 3, Danny de Vito in “Who drowned Mona“, it appeared in The Simpsons and many other movies and TV series. Yugo also became an exponent of a traveling exhibition „Yugo Next“ by professor O’Callaghan who decided to turn 29 Yugos into everyday objects from a Yugo - toaster to the Yugo – fireplace. Can you say for any other car it was a lighter at one point? Only Yugo!


Despite its international career and fame, we will always think of it as an old friend that played a role in our life events. And we'll always get goose bumps and turn the radio volume up when we hear the nostalgic song „Yugo 45“and the verse: „and still I keep playing the same film in my head - our old house, small back yard and in it parked Yugo 45“. This is where we came up with an idea to put Yugos back on the road, giving them a new life in retirement. Currently we have 3 classic Yugos – Božo (red one), Žuti (yellow one) and Zagi (blue one). All of them are in the original condition bought from Yugo enthusiasts who due to different reasons had to give them up. We had to promise we'll take good care of them and we still report to previous owners how their old friends are doing.

We are here to share the legend, and if you want a Yugo story of your own that will begin with „You remember that one time years ago when we were in a good old Yugo...“ check out our YUGOcar adventures and LET'S HIT THE ROAD!!!