Where do you start the BASIC city tour?

Our tours start in front of the Lisinski concert hall. For more info check out our booklet

What is included in the city tour price?

The car, the driver that is also a licensed local guide, all car expenses and food or drinks different for each tour (please check the booklet for more details).

Are the listed “price from” per person or per car?

The “price from” are per person, if 3 persons are in the car. For the full pricelist please contact us.

Can we stop the car and step out to take some photos during the city tour (BASIC OR PREMIUM)?

If we find a place where cars are allowed to stop – yes, you can step out. However, our experience is – that during our BASIC city tour, there is a small chance to find a suitable location to stop the car. On our “Yugo and the Socialist city” tour, “Yugo and a Haunted Hospital” tour and our day adventures – we step out of the car.

Can we rent a Yugo as any other car in a rent-a-car company and drive it around on our own?

Unfortunately – no. The only rental of our old-timers is the one with our driver included. The reason for this is that all of our cars are over 30 years old and they can easily break if a lot of unexperienced drivers drive them.

If we rent a Yugo with your driver, can we try to drive it?

If you have a valid driving license and if our driver decides you won’t break the wheel, then – yes, you can drive it for a while supervised by our driver.

If we rent your Yugo, is the petrol included in the price?

In the rental price listed HERE is 30 kilometers (19 miles) distance is included. Every additional kilometer (0,8 miles) IS charged 2 Croatian kunas.

What is the maximum distance Yugo can drive in one day?

Maximum distance is 350 kilometers (260 miles) in a day.

Can we rent a Yugo (with a driver) for more days?

Yes, of course. Feel free to contact us, and we can help you create your own tailor-made adventure!

Can we rent two or three Yugos at once?

Yes, it just depends on our cars’ availability on the day in question.

How many Yugo cars do you have?

3 – red, blue and yellow.

What COVID-19 safety measures are you implementing?

Our tours are private tours, therefore guests are in contact only with the YUGOcar adventure driver-guide.

Our driver-guides are obligated to keep a daily record of body temperature in the morning and before each guided tour.

Our driver-guides are vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccination.

Masks are mandatory for all passengers (driver-guides and guests) during the tour. YUGOcar adventure provides surgical 3-layer protective masks, and the masks can be replaced during the tour free of charge.

Cars are disinfected after each tour, kept overnight and disinfected again before the next tour. Parts that are disinfected: the passenger area, the driver’s seat, all the car surfaces inside the car (door handles, window handles, ect.) We are limited to having one private tour in one car per day in order to make sure multiple sanitization is conducted.

Disinfectant (min 70% alk) is available in the car during the tour and driver-guide and guests are encouraged to use it for hand sanitization when needed.

Vehicle is ventilated throughout the tour.

What happens if the car breaks down in the middle of the city tour, or somewhere on the road?

In that case, we would cover the return cost and we would discuss the refund options with our guests.

How often your Yugos break down?

So far, in 4 years of owning the YUGOcar adventure – never.

How often do you conduct the technical inspection of your vehicles?

We do a big annual inspection and a small monthly check as well.

Do your Yugos have an AC?

No. The drive in our Yugos is a real “back to the 80’s” experience.

Do you drive Yugos in case of rain or snow?

If it drizzles – it’s not a problem. In case of heavy rain, we like to wait a bit until it stops, just out of practical reason – you can’t see anything through the window full of rain drops(!). In wintertime, however, when streets our covered with salt, our Yugos are hibernating in the garage to avoid the rust. However, if it’s a warm winter (no icing or snow on the road that requires salting of streets) we’re driving!

Do you have a passenger insurance?

Yes, our cars have an insurance usually issued for TAXI cars. All cars are insured with Wiener insurance company.

Do your Yugos have seatbelts?

Yugos have seatbelts on the front seats, and they need to be buckled. On the back seats Yugos don’t have seatbelts. According to Croatian law, if there’s no built-in seatbelts in a car, it does not need to be buckled (quote). Therefore, passengers seated at the rear of our Yugos, are not committing any traffic violation.

Can children be transported in a Yugo?

Yes, if they are older than 12.