Who can drive a Yugo?

Everybody that holds a valid driving license and is at least 21 years old.

If I rent a Yugo, how hard is it to drive it?

It’s a no-power steering old-timer car with no air-conditioning and a manual gearshift. It’s an adventure to drive it! We recommend having longer driving experience for a confident driving in a big city.

Driving a Yugo is not very difficult but it is challenging. If you never drove a similar old-timer car – consider our GUIDED YUGO ADVENTURES

Are your Yugos manual or automatic gearshift cars?

All of them have manual gearshift. It is very important that you are a regular manual car driver because it’s impossible to learn it on the spot. Also, it’s important to understand that our delicate old-timer cars are not appropriate cars for practicing manual driving.

How many people can fit in one Yugo?

Four: two in the front and two in the back

How often do your mechanics check Yugos?

All of our Yugos are well maintained and checked on daily basis. However – they were made in 1987 and 1989, so at any point some small failures can occur… If something happens – call us and we will guide you through what to do and even how to fix it! Every Yugo you rent comes with a mobile phone you can use to call us or the road assistance.

Are the cars safe?

However, they are old-timer Yugos – so no airbags, seatbelts in the backseats or ABS brakes, but they are in top working condition and you are given precise instructions on how to handle them well.

Is there a radio in the car?

All our Yugos have a radio with cassette or CD player

How hot does it get in Croatia and is there an AC in a Yugo?

It gets quite hot in the summer and Yugo does not have an AC – it’s a real 80’s experience – feel the sweat on your back and wind in your hair …



Do I get instructions on how to drive a Yugo?

Our staff will guide you through it and take you for a test ride on the parking lot when you pick up your Yugo

Is there a safety deposit if I rent a Yugo?

Yes there is. The safety deposit is 300EUR that you are given back when you return the Yugo unharmed. Also you will have to leave your credit card information as a guarantee for possible fines (tickets) you might get while driving the

Is there a booking deposit?

We trust our Yugo enthusiasts! However, if you have to cancel your booking – we would appreciate if you would cancel it 24 hours before.

What if I get a parking ticket, speeding ticket or simmilar fine?

You have to pay for it immediately and give us the confirmation that you settled your fine. If you are caught on camera and we get a fine after you return your Yugo – we will contact, you and you can settle the fine via bank transfer or by credit card authorization you provided while renting a Yugo.

How can I book a Yugo?

Easy! Just send us an email and we’ll work it from there!

Where can I pick up my Yugo?

At the garage on Kvaternik square – 15 mins walking distance from the main ban Jelačić square.

If I would like you to deliver my Yugo to my accommodation, and pick it up there – would it be possible?

Yes, it’s possible, however the fee for that extra service depends on the location of your accommodation. Send us an inquiry and we’ll let you know what the possibilities are!

Is there a mileage or speed limitation if I rent a Yugo?

Yes to both questions.

Regarding mileage – you can drive up to 150 kilometers in a day (except if you intend to drive to Plitvice lakes, in that case you have to let us know that it’s your plan and then we will authorize additional kilometers).

Regarding the maximum speed – limit is 90 km/h.

Our cars are old-timer cars, and driving longer and faster is extremely bad for the machine, therefore we don’t allow it.

how will you know if I drove faster than 90 km/h or more than 150km?

All our Yugos are equipped with GPS tracker devices – so, we’ll know!

Is gas, parking or highway fee included in the quote?

The quotes we’ll give you include the 4 hour / 10 hour / 24 hour rent of a Yugo, basic insurance, maps and emergency mobile phone. Everything else is like in the typical rent-a-car: you get full tank and you have to fill it in before returning the Yugo, parking (In our manual you’ll get parking instructions), highway and other costs are your extra expenses.

What if I want to rent a Yugo for longer than one day?

This is not our usual practice, however, feel free to contact us and we’ll work something out for you!

If we decide to go for some wine tasting continental Croatia is known for – can we drive back?

Your policy is 0,00 alcohol when driving a Yugo. If you wish to drink alcohol – consider our GUIDED YUGO ADVENTURES – we’ll drive, and you can relax!



Do we get any kind of explanation about the sights from the driver?

Yes, all of our drivers are licensed professional tour guides for the city of Zagreb and surrounding areas.

How many people can fit in one car?

3 guests and our driver

We are a group of 6 people. Can we get two cars?

Yes, if you contact us on time and book your tour, we will provide two Yugos and two driver-guides for you!

What if it rains?

It’s even more fun to have a tour in the Yugo than walking through the city if it rains!
If the rain gets heavy we usually stop for a coffee, or delay the start, or we can put you on another tour… It’s up to you!

Do you do evening tours when it’s not that hot and the roads are empty?

Yes we do. Our tours are upon your request, between 9am and 10pm.

What time of the day trafic in Zagreb is the worst?

7.30am – 9.30am and 4 pm – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Will we be able to stop to step out of Yugo for taking photos?

On most of the sites, you’ll be able to step out for photos.