Dear adventurers,

Sunny days are here and with them, we entered the second challenging tourist season!

Last year, our YUGOs learnt how to survive in the “new normal” and we’re proud to announce they became experienced professionals: Our company, AB TRAVEL, the owner of YUGOcar Adventure, received the Safe Travels in Croatia certificate issued by Croatian Ministry of Tourism!

Here is the list of all safety measures we’re implementing in order to make sure the adventures with Yugo won’t end up as adventures with the virus:

  • Our tours are private tours, therefore guests are in contact only with the YUGOcar adventure driver-guide.
  • Our driver-guides are obligated to keep a daily record of body temperature in the morning and before each guided tour.
  • Our driver-guides are vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Masks are mandatory for all passengers (driver-guides and guests) during the tour. YUGOcar adventure provides surgical 3-layer protective masks, and the masks can be replaced during the tour free of charge.
  • Cars are disinfected after each tour, kept overnight and disinfected again before the next tour. Parts that are disinfected: the passenger area, the driver’s seat, all the car surfaces inside the car (door handles, window handles, ect.) We are limited to having one private tour in one car per day in order to make sure multiple sanitization is conducted.
  • Disinfectant (min 70% alk) is available in the car during the tour and driver-guide and guests are encouraged to use it for hand sanitization when needed.
  • Vehicle is ventilated throughout the tour.

Contact us and let your safe YUGOcar adventure begin!